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Are you yearning for sisterhood with a group of women who really get it? Who are also sensitive and intuitive, yet down to earth and real? Are you craving to connect and move forward in a co~creative yet supportive way?

This program is a sanctuary of healing, prayer and remembrance. It is a place to come and bathe by the river of the sacred feminine essence and begin to allow the embrace of like minded women to be a balm for your wounds. It is an invitation to return to tribe, to be supported andwarmed by the sacred woman fire of transformation. To come in out of the sometimes cold and lonely world and feel the support you are yearning for, with other women who ‘get it’!

We are here to create a safe container for you to shift your beliefs and experience of other women, to shift y(our) consciousness both collectively & individually. To change your interactions with yourself so you can recognise whats holding you back and give you the opportunity to break the tiresome cycle of repeating old patterns, resulting in the experience of empowerment.

The reflections, wisdom & experience shared around the sacred woman fire will reflect your own leaving you with a deep sense of relief and remembering. Remembering that you are not alone in your experiences & that it is a sacred and incredible gift to be woman, that we are powerful beyond measure, yet soft and sensuous and intuitive. Through each call you will begin to understand your intuitive nature as we teach you about the cycles of the moon & how to engage in these cycles. We will show you how to use your natural feminine sensitivities to enhance your life.

We have prepared juicy rituals, lifestyle suggestions, classes, meditations, processes & workbooks to connect you to your sacred, sexy, shiny & intuitive nature. We intend to ‘tap you in and turn you on’ (Abraham hicks words :)) to the undercurrent of the unseen river of ancient womens wisdom. Eternally present, eternally loving, yet very simple, the rhythm of mother nature beats in the hearts of us all. She is calling us home to the knowing of the magic of the feminine essence & to trusting each other again. We cant wait to assist you to experience this within yourself & be reconnected to the powerful essence that you are


  • Weekly online circle gathering to celebrate, share & grow & tap into the power & wisdom of the moon
  • Weekly prayer sanctuary workshops Question & Answer forum
  • Lifetime access to our Ancient Wisdom for Modern Women course content (meditations, processes, workbooks, downloads being updated all the time)
  • Step by step ritual through daily self care manual
  • A tribe of likeminded sisters who are also committed to personal & spiritual growth

Ritual through self care manual ~

Self nurture is the way of the sacred woman, we will show you how to create your own lifestyle plan with our step by step Ritual through daily self care manual (which we will have fun with in the class room). Together through guided visualisation we will formulate an agreement you make with yourSelf and we will create a self care plan.
The best part is, its TOTALLY unique to you, we guide with suggestions, you style your life to your own flavour!

Moon Cycle Map ~

Discovering the hidden power that lies in the cycles of the moon is an open doorway to empowered and intuitive living. When we understand that we live in a universe that is governed by cycles, we can then begin to live in accordance with the laws of nature & apply relevant ancient & modern practices. By including moon mapping in our monthly routine we begin to understand the cycles of our body, mind and emotions. From here we will take you through processes to clear repetitive patterns, meditations to assist you in changing your belief systems that are outdated, and specific activities to help you to stop repeating the same old cycles. We are then set up to really know ourselves so that we can plan ahead for the bumpy times & create celebrations and healthy rewards for the good times!

Weekly temple classroom with question and answer channelling & prayer sanctuary

We begin with an intuitive/prayerful meditation to open the doorways and prepare us for receiving. We then explore the subjects listed above in the "Discover How To" section and open up for discussion in a classroom style setting. We have prepared workbooks for you to continue the work during the week and fun classroom activities for expansion & deepening experience. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, your guides speak to my guides in a transmission style Q & A forum.

Weekly Moon Lodge, Red Tent Circle ~

This call is akin to sitting around a fire sharing & most of all listening. This is the most potent part of this program! This is where the real change and healing occurs! During this call we come together in a lead meditation and connect with intention for healing. Every woman then has a chance to share (when/if she wishes) her awarenesses regarding the topic from our classroom earlier in the week. Each share is based around the awarenesses and growth that have occurred during the week and a deepening connection to each sisters individual menstrual cycle. This is a forward moving space, we create a sacred container for co~creating our dreams and realigning our life with what it is that we really are yearning to bring through. This call is structured around the moon & the channelled topic for the week so that we begin to really understand the natural order of the cycles, rhythms & mother nature.

Optional Add on ~
One on One Mentoring with Jade email for details